Families Out Loud (FOL) relies on a growing team of volunteers. These fantastic helpers all have one thing in common – they believe in our mission to support families of drug & alcohol users in Wiltshire. Our shining volunteers are everything.

So many ways to get involved…

Volunteer Makers create beautiful handmade items that are sold at craft markets, online or by word of mouth, to raise funds for our cause.

Volunteer Helpers join us on the market stalls to smile, to chat about FOL and to sell our lovely products.

Volunteer Fundraisers spend time doing a variety of sponsored activities to raise money for FOL.

Volunteer Writers produce articles and create marketing material for publication on our website and social media sites. Their words reflect the reality of living with substance abuse in the family.

Volunteer Mentors give extra support to people who are struggling with a loved-one’s drug or alcohol use. They are there to listen, talk and guide people through the trauma and distress felt by families. 

Our volunteers do what they do for many different reasons…

“The group was a lifeline to me when I thought there was nowhere and no one to turn to. Volunteering gives me a chance to give something back and help support this valuable resource so that others can benefit from it in the same way.”

“I do stuff for FOL because I want to give back. FOL is a unique organisation offering practical support, friendship and understanding. I was surprised to find it so full of ordinary people like me. Thank you for your amazing support.”
Mother of a recovering addict. 

“A very supportive charity for people who can be overlooked whilst trying to deal with drug use in the family.”
Sister from Sheffield

“I volunteer for FOL for the simple reason that I was the one that put my family through hell, and I do not wish to see another family have to go through this without help.”
Bill from Salisbury

“For years the support I’ve received from FOL has helped me to heal and get my own life back. Thank you for your unending support.”
Mum from Trowbridge

The Families Out Loud Sharing by Doing Volunteer Network is open to anyone with an interest in our charity. There’s a niche for everyone!

 If you…

have a talent for arts & crafts           

have a nice smile and like talking to people

have a flair for words or design

can spare a few hours of your time

…join us today.


Website contact form: www.familiesoutloud.org

Email: enquiries@familiesoutloud.org

Phone: 07444 098427