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Meet the Trustees

Susy Lenihan (Chair)

is semi-retired from working, for many years, in the financial sector. She has an active interest in charities which support the welfare of young people and those affected by addiction.

Dinah Wellenkamp (Treasurer)

is a former business manager with many years’ budget monitoring experience.

Debra Hawley (Secretary)

is a lecturer at Wiltshire College. She previously spent ten years working as a customer services manager in the private sector.

John Pendrey (Trustee)

 is a retired engineer. He has thirty years’ experience as a trustee and coach to youth sports teams.

Meet the Professionals

Bridget Green

is a qualified counsellor with 13 years’ experience in supporting families affected by addiction. She works with Families Out Loud to provide assessment and counselling sessions. She also facilitates the support group meetings.

Fiona Culham

Fiona Culham has worked in the field of addiction for five years. She is an experienced facilitator who is trained in Safeguarding.

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The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

As many of you know addiction creates havoc within families, often making Christmas a difficult time of year. Someone is missing from the dinner table - are they alone, cold, hungry? Or someone is sitting at the table - will they be disruptive, argumentative, violent?...

Addicts relapse during COVID-19

Addicts relapse during COVID-19

All our lives have been affected by Covid-19. In Wiltshire we’ve had much more freedom than other areas, but that has changed again with the imposition of a second national lockdown. Groundhog Day springs to mind. With no end in sight, news from a friend that her son...

Addiction Services – Ready or Not?

Addiction Services – Ready or Not?

Like most of us who love an addict, I keep hoping that Ryan, my 36-year-old drug-addicted son, will see the light and decide to get clean. And over the years I’ve often thought about the level of help he could expect to receive if such a miracle occurred. Would the...

Professional Help For Families of Addicts in Wiltshire

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