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Meet the Trustees

Susy Lenihan (Chair)

is semi-retired from working, for many years, in the financial sector. She has an active interest in charities which support the welfare of young people and those affected by addiction.

Dinah Wellenkamp (Treasurer)

is a former business manager with many years’ budget monitoring experience.

Debra Hawley (Secretary)

is a lecturer at Wiltshire College. She previously spent ten years working as a customer services manager in the private sector.

John Pendrey (Trustee)

 is a retired engineer. He has thirty years’ experience as a trustee and coach to youth sports teams.

Kerry Roach (Trustee)

currently works in the retail sector of the British Heart Foundation. She has previously worked as a primary school teacher and was a board member in the social housing sector for many years.

Meet the Professionals

Bridget Green

is a qualified counsellor with 13 years’ experience in supporting families affected by addiction. She works with Families Out Loud to provide assessment and counselling sessions. She also facilitates the support group meetings.

Fiona Culham

Fiona Culham has worked in the field of addiction for five years. She is an experienced facilitator who is trained in Safeguarding.

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Almost two months into Lock Down and it’s definitely feeling like my new normal. In the same way as many people, my life revolves around home, walking, the odd shopping trip and now, happily, seeing friends and family in a limited way. I also feel lucky that we’ve got...

Alternative Lifestyle

Alternative Lifestyle

Week five of Lock Down and the situation gives a whole new meaning to the idea of ‘alternative lifestyle’. Often a euphemism used to describe how drug-takers live their lives, we’re all having to learn to do absolutely everything differently: queue for food, walk in...

Lock Down

Lock Down

So week two of Coronavirus Lock Down……weird. Not being able to do what we normally do puts pressure on everyone, young and old. I’m lucky because I’ve got a lovely garden and I live with my husband so I don’t feel so alone. My mum, however, is 87, lives alone and has...

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