bereavement support in chippenham

Loss is a natural part of life. The death of someone close takes us on a painful but unique journey towards a place where we hope to find peace and acceptance. Families Out Loud can be alongside you during this time.

In our work with families of people who have drug and alcohol addiction issues, the death of a loved one is a familiar concern. Sadly, for some this concern becomes a reality. The counsellors at Families Out Loud are trained to offer support to people in this situation.

The death of someone who is close to you arouses many emotions – shock, disbelief, distress, anger, overwhelming sadness, tiredness, exhaustion and guilt. There is no right or wrong way to feel and we can explore this together. You may need guidance on practical things such as registering the death, arranging the undertaker, being involved with the police or the coroner. We are here to give support wherever we can.

The personal circumstances of people who experience the death of a loved one through addiction can be difficult:

  • You might have been bereaved some time ago, but not able to access support.
  • You may not have known that your loved one was abusing drugs or alcohol.
  • You may have spent years trying to support your loved one, with the fear that they might die constantly in your thoughts.
  • Your relationship with the person could have been troubled, leaving you with feelings of guilt about what had passed between you.
  • You may struggle to be open with others about the death and its causes, and this can leave you feeling isolated.
  • You might blame yourself, feeling that somehow you could have prevented their death.
  • You might be relieved that your loved one is now at peace, accompanied by confusion or self-loathing for feeling that way.

All of these situations are possible because loving an addict is a complex thing that often defies normality. Dealing with life and death for families touched by addiction requires a special understanding. We have that understanding and our expertise is here for you.

If you would like to talk about your experience, we are here to support you. Please make contact to find out what we can offer.