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Our History

Families Out Loud is a small charity based in Wiltshire. We help adults who are affected by another person’s addiction through counselling, one-to-one advice and support groups. We are a newly formed charity, launching in September 2018. Support groups were originally started in this area by Clouds in 2002, and then continued through Action on Addiction. The groups faced closure in April 2018 but members were determined to save a well-used and much needed local service.  They continued to meet regularly, focusing on creating a new charity that would maintain their vital group meetings. Families Out Loud is the successful outcome of their endeavours. 

Our Trustees

The Trustees of Families Out Loud have all had experience of addiction within their family network, and have been support group members for many years. On behalf of the members, they are committed to building a strong and stable future for the charity. They will strive to develop and grow the organisation, making it accessible and welcoming to those in need. There is a lot of help available for addicts but families can often feel overlooked. The Trustees understand that giving a voice to people experiencing trauma and distress, due to another’s addiction, is positive for families and society as a whole.

Our Professionals

A number of professionals work with Families Out Loud to provide assessment and counselling services, as well as facilitating the support group meetings. They are all fully qualified, with many years’ experience supporting families affected by addiction.

Our Group Members

Group members come from all walks of life but share a common experience – watching someone they care about struggle with addiction. Having all faced challenges in their own lives, they have a deep understanding of the problems surrounding addiction. They are good at listening, offering advice and generally supporting each other.

News & Updates

Leigh’s Blog -Homelessness

Something I read this week got me thinking about the relationship between addiction and homelessness. According to Crisis, about 66% of people they deal with say their addiction was actually the cause of their homelessness. This is true for my son Ryan. He was at home...

Leigh’s Blog -Small hopes

In my first blog I talked about where things began to go wrong for Ryan, my homeless drug addicted son. I do believe that his problems are firmly rooted in childhood with the absence of his father but I don’t think all of his adult behaviours can be blamed on that. I...

Leigh’s Blog – Wrong road

My name’s Leigh, I live in Wiltshire and my son’s a homeless drug addict. Welcome to my new blog! Ryan has been using drugs since he was a teenager. He’s now 35, been to prison several times and this is his sixth year of homelessness. Living through the last 20 years...

Counselling for Families of Addicts in Wiltshire

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