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No Stigma. No Shame


In 2018 a group of local people who were using support groups in Trowbridge and Chippenham found out that the groups were about to close. They decided that these meetings, which were vital for their own health and wellbeing, were too valuable to lose. The service was well-used and much needed in towns where drug and alcohol use affects so many people.  So they continued to meet regularly, working together to create a new charity that would ensure Wiltshire families could continue to get the help they needed. The successful outcome of their endeavours is Families Out Loud.


Families Out Loud is a Wiltshire charity working with families challenged by someone else’s drug and alcohol dependency, supporting them to bravely build a better life.


We want to reach every family impacted by drug and alcohol use, so they can speak out, free from stigma, and receive the support, care and help they need.



Listen – We want families to be heard. To do this we must listen with empathy, thoughtfulness and optimism. We listen to what our families and colleagues say. We listen with curiosity and apply creative and constructive thinking to all we do, asking questions to help us understand and connect.

 Care – We want families to feel valued and supported. To do this, we must be thoughtful, empathetic and kind. We will be respectful and inclusive in our actions. We understand the little things that made our families and friends smile before the chaos of drug and alcohol dependency.

 Be Practical – We want families to receive the help that works for them. We will be professional and act with integrity in all we do. We will be practical and realistic in finding the best way forward for our families.

 Show Determination – We want families to be helped. To achieve this we must do the hard things, for both our families and our colleagues, by engaging a positive outlook and a resilient attitude. When others have stopped, or given up, we will still be by their side. Sticking with them, committed to helping them achieve their goals, at their pace, for their chosen future.

Our Trustees

Our trustees all have experience of addiction within their family network and so understand the benefits of getting the right kind of support, for as long as it is required. Ensuring that we meet the needs of Wiltshire families living with a loved-one’s addiction, and working to secure a sustainable future for the charity are their main priorities. Whilst help is more readily available for substance users, families can often feel overlooked so the trustees understand how important our services are both to families and to the wider community.

Our Professionals

Families Out Loud professionals are experienced in supporting families affected by drug or alcohol use. They work with clients by offering therapeutic support, more formal counselling, group support and activities that encourage personal growth and self-confidence. Operating within the framework for ethical practice from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), all our counsellors have qualifications awarded by accredited bodies.

News & Updates

Thank You National Lottery

Thank You National Lottery

Families Out Loud is excited to announce that The National Lottery have awarded us 3 years' Salary Funding for the two part-time freelance roles of Fundraiser & Marketing Coordinator.During our first 5 years, all back office functions - including...

Counselling for Families of Addicts in Wiltshire